2022 High Level Fun VIP Pass

2022 High Level Fun VIP Pass

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The 2022 High Level Fun Event Series by RunStrong Events will consist of up to 12 exciting challenges and races. Including some of your favorites like the Rez Loop Challenge and Death by 5k. Multiple new events will be forthcoming, including at least two new 'Death By' challenges.

However, in an effort to ensure that we only put on the highest quality events, we will continue to use participant caps on most events, especially those being held at our Training Center. So, getting into one of our events could be challenging., unless you are a RunStrong member or hold a HLF VIP Pass.

What exactly is the HLF VIP Pass?  It's a way for you to ensure you get into the events you desire, to save some money, and to offer you a community of friends that you'll see at each event and throughout the season. It will even get you a reward as a thank you for participating and supporting our events. 

What does the HLF VIP Pass get you?

  • Early/priority registration to all HLF events
  • Entry fee discount of 20% on all events
  • Entry into the inaugural High Level Fun Challenge Cup. This includes a prize for those who participate in either 10. 6, or 3 RunStrong HLF Events in 2021. There will also be a season ending awards party for all RunStrong members and HLF VIP Pass holders where we hand out some awesome awards for those who complete the prescribed amount of events throughout the year.
  • Product discounts of 15% all year long on any run specialty products sold by RunStrong
  • Event day VIP benefits TBD by event

There will only be 20 HLF VIP Passes sold to non-members for 2022 to ensure that we can accommodate all our members and VIP pass holders at each event. 

To purchase: Add this product to Cart and complete purchase. You will receive a confirmation email immediately. Then stay tuned and within the next 12 hours you will receive your personalized VIP Coupon code for use during event registrations, along with additional details about the benefits of your VIP pass.

Looking forward to a great season of High Level Fun!