Hattiesburg Half Marathon Personalized Training Plan

Hattiesburg Half Marathon Personalized Training Plan

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Run your best race with a personalized training plan from RunStrong!

A personalized plan from RunStrong is designed just for you. It is based on your experience, training history, and race goal.

But it's more than just a plan on a calendar. Our plans include all the information so you not only know what to do, but why you are doing it. This means you get the knowledge to understand why and how the plan is designed as it is, and you even get personalized paces for each type of training.

Staying healthy through training is challenging, and the best way to stay strong and injury free is to incorporate some strength and mobility training, so our plans include strength routines incorporated into the weekly plans.

In addition, from the time you sign up for the plan through the day of the race, you will receive unlimited email contact with your RunStrong coach to ask questions, get feedback, or solicit advice.

Once you sign up for the plan, you will automatically receive a digital download document with a ton of great information about optimal training principles, and details on how this training plan will work. This document includes a list of questions for you to answer via email, from which your coach will structure your personalized plan.

The duration of the plan will vary based on when you sign up, and what is optimal for your experience, training history, and goals.

Please allow three days from the time you submit your question responses to receive your personalized plan.

Sign up today and make your training the best it can be!